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Freesync doesn't seem to work on new monitor, am I missing something?

Question asked by optimusbrown1988 on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by electricessence

Hi, I recently bought a AOC G2460VQ6 Freesync monitor to play games on, but it doesn't seem to be working as I still get micro stutters and screen tear when enabled.

I have set the monitor to display port version 1.2, updated drivers and even tried old drivers using DDU and AMD removal tool each time, and capping the fps through Rivatuner to 75.

It happens with any game but at the moment i'm trying to play Witcher 3, I turn freesync on and turn vsync off and the screen tears, I get no screen tearing when I have V sync turned on, but doesn't that made freesync pointless? The fps is within the 35-75 range so i'm unsure why it is still getting tearing when it's enabled. I also run the games on fullscreen.

Is freesync actually not working, is my monitor faulty or am i missing something? Any help is appreciated.

My specs are

  • Gigabyte Windforce r9 290x OC 4GB
  • I5 4570 CPU
  • 8GB Savage ram
  • Corsiar BX100 SSD
  • Evga 600B Power supply
  • Windows 10 proffesional