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    Freesync doesn't seem to work on new monitor, am I missing something?


      Hi, I recently bought a AOC G2460VQ6 Freesync monitor to play games on, but it doesn't seem to be working as I still get micro stutters and screen tear when enabled.

      I have set the monitor to display port version 1.2, updated drivers and even tried old drivers using DDU and AMD removal tool each time, and capping the fps through Rivatuner to 75.

      It happens with any game but at the moment i'm trying to play Witcher 3, I turn freesync on and turn vsync off and the screen tears, I get no screen tearing when I have V sync turned on, but doesn't that made freesync pointless? The fps is within the 35-75 range so i'm unsure why it is still getting tearing when it's enabled. I also run the games on fullscreen.

      Is freesync actually not working, is my monitor faulty or am i missing something? Any help is appreciated.

      My specs are

      • Gigabyte Windforce r9 290x OC 4GB
      • I5 4570 CPU
      • 8GB Savage ram
      • Corsiar BX100 SSD
      • Evga 600B Power supply
      • Windows 10 proffesional
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          Freesync is for if your framerate can't match the refreshrate.  For example if you were getting 50fps instead of 60.  When that happens the refreshrate is scaled down to match the FPS.  So you get better FPS than just using Vsync and without the tearing of not using Vsync.  Freesync also scales upwards to the maximum refreshrate of the monitor so not just downward (assuming the game of course isn't locked to 60fps)


          As far as I am aware you should be using the Radeon Settings framerate control not a 3rd parties.  Both the game and your desktop need to be set to the same refreshrate.

          Depending on your monitor Freesync will only work between a certain Hz range, yours is 48Hz - 75Hz.  If the framerate drops below that you won't be able to make use of Freesync.  It may be possible that there is a firmware update for the monitor to allow it to work at lower Hz but that isn't guaranteed.  There are more expensive Freesync monitors which have a lower minimum (the lowest I have seen is 30Hz where Freesync still works)


          If you are unsure if it is working then download the windmill freesync demo to test with.

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              As an update as I was testing my Freesync monitor I just got today, you can adjust the freesync range with a utility called CRU 1.2.6.  Make sure you have another monitor to use as a secondary display while adjusting the settings as you could make your monitor not work at all if you try that.  Obviously this also isn't supported by AMD either!


              As an example my Asus monitor the official Freesync range is 35 - 90 on a 144Hz monitor.  I can change it to 55 - 144Hz so I can still enjoy a maximum framerate of 144FPS without Freesync disabling.  If you change the higher limit you will also need to adjust the lower limit usually as the monitors scaler wouldn't be able to handle it.


              For your particular issue you would want to maybe try 35 - 60Hz as I don't think you would be able to have 35 - 75.


              You need to restart the display driver with the included restart exe included in the CRU utility for the changes to take effect.  If you get any flickering or corruption you will need to adjust the settings to something different for example 40 - 65.

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                Hi, thanks for responding. In the AMD software it's showing my Freesync range as 35-75mhz which the game stays within that limit. I've used the frame limiter within  the AMD software but no change.


                I've tried the windmill demo too and that works, can see a big difference with Freesync on compared to off.


                I have tried the monitor on my partners computer (same specs except her graphics card is a r9 290) and it works flawlessly, the game is smooth as butter with Freesync enabled. We're both using the same version of drivers so i'm unsure what to make of it.

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                Ive the same monitor with R9 390X CF. Im systematically going down each driver literally and clean installing. Ive yet to find a single one that works. It only works in their extra special little presentation demo. Already put my cards up for sale. At least g sync on my notebook actually WORKS. The drivers are blatantly the culprit. AMD has been cutting some serious software development corners. Its to the point i can look past pascals inferior shader preemption method because this level of incompetence is UNACCEPTABLE. Rage.......... Starcraft 2, witcher 3. Unplayable. Random crossfire profile behavior in games like crysis 3. Its trash. Utter and complete fail. Nvidias drivers arent perfect, but they are godly compared to this horse manure, and they arent single threaded.


                P.S. I practice exceptional data hygiene. I have ZERO silent data corruption because im very extreme about it. This is 100% AMD's drivers. FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                  So it turns out its the firmware on AOC. Updated the driver with help from youtube guy who posted elsewhere. The instructions they give are incomplete, theres no drivers CD, and it didnt come with a display port plug probably because they dont want people to find out it doesnt work properly. AMD needs to look into this, afterall, it has their name on it.

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                    An update that might put your mind to rest...

                    I have the XR342CK (34" UltraWide, 75hz with FreeSync) and Dual Fury X cards.  I painfully struggled with CrossFire, VSync, FreeSync, RTSS, and FRTC.
                    What I discovered after a lot of research and testing is:

                    1. Most games, you do not need any profile settings or frame limiting.
                      By default (Global Profile), you should have:
                      RTSS 0, FRTC OFF and VSync ON in-game.  According to people who seem to know what they are talking about, VSync is totally okay to leave on because it only affects frame rates above what the monitor can handle when FreeSync is enabled.  And apparently FreeSync will only optimally work when there's no limiting going on.
                      And I've tested all my games and this rings true for almost all of them.  With no profile settings other than the global FRTC OFF, nearly all my games work perfectly.
                    2. The Witcher 3 is special.  For some reason, if you don't target 60FPS you will get tearing all over the place.  And as expected, VSync will introduce weird microstutter or 'surging'.  To solve this, I tested various RTSS and FRTC settings, and the optimal results (which may be different for a lower resolution monitor and a single GPU) came from these settings:
                      RTSS 60, FRTC 60.  In game: Frames Unlimited and VSync OFF.
                      This is apparently due to how important frame-timing is to the Witcher 3.  Optimized for 60FPS and I don't think really considering higher FPS (at least not on Dual GPUs or FreeSync).  If you have a Single GPU, with a lower resolution monitor, you still might try these settings to see if they make a difference.

                    I hope that helps someone.  Because until I "gave-up" per-se and said, "let me see how it behaves when limited to 60", I could not eliminate tearing or stuttering.