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My DX12 detects 10Gb Vram instead 2Gb. R7 370

Question asked by worldofonline on Jun 26, 2016
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Hi. Once I woke up and tried to play something. And you know what? I could not. In 5-10 mins any game shows me 1-5 FPS.

I tried to find out what is going on and I saw first that my GPU was loaded to 99%. Even when a turned all the games off. Ok. Reboot. 0%. But In hour of idle the GPU load became 99% again. What??? How??

Also I saw all my vram was dedicated for something. But utilities like process explorer could not see what application use VRAM. Ok.

Than I tried to find what is wrong. And I made DXDiag. What did I see? 10Gb Vram!! HOW??? WHATTA??? It use to be 2Gb!!!

So... after 4 hours hopeles trying to reinstall driver, reinstal Visual C++, Reboot-Reboot-Reboot, Reset my BIOS to default, Virus searching... you know, I am tired. I really don't know what to do.

If you know, just tell me.

All I know, I cant play the games and shoot the vidoes for my YouTube Channel. And I losing my money because my work is stopped.


As I can see, the Video Card Dedicates all it's Vram for someting. I Cans understand for what. But I see that even when my GPU loaded to 99% I still can play and shoot video. But if my vram is fully loaded, I cant do anything. Please help me solve it. Thank you.


Screens are attached in the archive.