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Is there a Windows 7 pro 64bit Driver that will work on with R7 display adapter with Blender and 3DsMax8 required for Blender but stops correct operation of Max 

Question asked by jkla on Jun 26, 2016

I have a new PC with Windows 7 Pro 64bit OS. 

I am developing a 3D game space (Cyan worlds URU) and I do my primary modeling in Blender. 

However I need to import the created 3D space into 3Ds Max 8 to use plugins and addons provided by Cyan, specifically developed for the older versions of 3Ds Max (32bit). 


The R7 driver is a requirement for Blender to open when the driver is installed the viewports (active views) in 3Ds Max do not update in real time this is a particular issue if your creating a new object and it does not appear till you do a manual refresh of the viewport (z key other methods of updating work but the z key is the easiest to demonstrate). 


If I disable the driver in Device manager 3Ds Max8 works fine but Blender refuses to open citing "No 3D Hardware acceleration as there is no OpenGL 2.1 Support. 

Autodesk no longer support version 8 of 3Ds Max but the plugins are not available for any of the 64bit versions (the only ones they do support). 


This issue has only arisen with the latest driver release they were both co-existing fine till last week and the new driver release. 


When I use the driver disk that came with my PC a Zoostorm AMD A10 it appears to automatically get the latest driver