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Crimson 16.15.2211 Driver Problem!

Question asked by wolfraim1 on Jun 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by dynodave

Hellow everyone im new in this forum but i have a real problem here... First of all English is not my nature lenguaje, so... Im sorry ^^.-

Everything started when i bought DOOM 4. I actualized my drivers (Radeon R9 280 Series) to Crimson Edition 15.6.2, with this driver 75% the programs i tried to open "Stopped working" and i have to shut it down. I am using Windows 7 SP2 Professional. Then i tried to open the programs but with the driver uninstaled and there was no problem. So it is it, the drivers were caussing the troubles.
I actualized again to 16.15.1122 and when i open the driver installer; when it's analising my sistem, suddenly it stop working and CANT INSTALL 16.15.1122 because of that.


So, 15.6.2 Does not work for me, or there is such a bad errors on my PC. When i try 16.15.1122 i cant install... Can anyone help me?