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Updating to crimson 16.6.1

Question asked by archz2 on Jun 26, 2016

I have lenovo g500 laptop. It is running windows 8.1 (64 bit). It has AMD Radeon 8570 -2gb graphics card8GB DDR3 RAM, 3rd generation i5 processor at 2.60 GHz.

I noticed a significant change in performance of my software like photoshop and illustrator when I updated from AMD catalyst drivers to crimson edition My windows right click menus also started opening fast . Should I update to 16.6.1 version for a further speed boost? I am experiencing a slight lag in minimizing and maximizing in some software windows like Spotify and Sketchup. I don't play games at all.


Moreover, in my radeon settings the update notification shows up as for 16.6.1 (beta), whereas on the downloads page, the mention of beta is missing. Is this a final stable version?