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Why am i constantly getting black screen with my 2 month old R9 390 Gaming 8G

Question asked by corsin on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2016 by goodplay

So i bought the MSI R9 390 8G approx 2-3 months ago.

Since buying it i have had issues of blackscreen when...


Turning on the PC - (sometimes i have to wait 20 - 60 mins before i get any image on my monitor) Sometimes however, it works instantly (about 1 in 5 times) and sometimes it never comes on.

Leaving Sleep mode - My monitor stays black, i get a "no signal" message and the light on my monitor flashes on and off endlessly.

Playing games - Now this is a new one, started a few days ago with full screen games, i only get black screen. with the "device connected, and disconnected (windows noise playing over and over).


I have made sure all drivers were up to date and reinstalled all drivers multiple times to no avail. The card does work sometimes under totally random circumstance, But this is getting rarer and rarer.


Its literally like rolling a dice whenever i try to do anything and now the issue has creeped from PC monitor load up issues, to full screen game issues.


PC Specs:  Gyazo - 158bd7131f302be0176ec507963473cb.png


Any help/advice would be appreciated.