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      AMD AMF Codec have a lot percomance problems with all 3rd party apps (Bandicam/Action!/PlaysTV/MSI Afterburner the implementation is bad from them,


      Put the codec On GPUOpen so the devs can make it work properly,


      AMD needs to make a new program for recording...


      From BenchART: It needs an entire overhaul, even my crappy 740M can make 10X better out of NVENC than my HD 7850 with AMF, SHAME!


      Post your thoughts.

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          Yes, actually.
          I have been trying to record decently for a quite while ago.


          I run a Youtube channel related to benchmarking.
          My viewers and subs love the fact that I have the MSI AB overlay running on the background and such.


          And so for recording, there are plenty of software that makes use of the new AMD AMF codec.
          Before the Catalyst 15.7, AMD used OVE codec which was very efficient, altough since they traded the OVE for the AMF, performance is disappointly sub-par.


          Recording a little bit of DeadLight Director's Cut which is a lightweight game, consumes a lot of GPU usage provoking frame drops to 50 and 45FPS when recording at 1080P/60FPS, when the game runs easily at 60FPS (FPS cap of the game) with GPU Usage of 60% while not recording, this using MSI afterburner making use of AMD AMF codec at 25Mbps at speed preset.


          I tried many others like Dxtory with VFW codec to make use o AMF, i tried Bandicam, and all of this ones makes the FPS drop a notch.
          OBS was ok for me with a few dropped frames, but have no compatibility of any other overlay, except for the Steam one.
          Ì tried mirillis action! and PlaysTV! AKA AMD Gaming Evolved APP, and all this 3 occur too in a 10-15FPS loss and don't record MSI AB unless I restart the game countless times.


          MSI Afterburner have a benchmark for the video codec encoder.
          I have 63FPS on my HD 7850, more people with GCN 1.2 cards report more and less the same resutls.
          While on my laptop my i5 4200u a ultra low voltage and weak laptop with it's capped intel HD, can make 180FPS at 1366x768 on the same benchmark, with 30Mbps.
          Same goes for my crappy GT 740M using NVENC can make 300FPS, and if a drop the resolution lower than 1366x768 it actually goes a lot beyond 300FPS, while recording, the penalty in performance either intel or nvidia, rounds around the 0-2FPS (60FPS) , on my AMD it goes for 10-15FPS (60FPS).
          Dropping the resolution on AMD AMF gets me the same results.


          Since AMD switched from OVE to AMF; Video Encoding it's just awful, when I brought this card, VCE delivered a steady 60FPS recording, now it's horrible with the AMF, and AMD never looked back to this and improved the efficiency of AMF, they decided to just put MOAR POWER to the GPU to be able to deliver better encoding performance on a horrible codec forcing people to upgrade cards for something that was working before


          Please AMD, take a look at your AMF codec and see what can you improve, I'm pretty sure AMF codec can be improved, if you had made VCE an efficient encoder, you can make the same for AMF and make it to work properly.
          I'm not going to buy a capture card, it should be more easy to consider the green brand if I want to continue the videos for youtube when I upgrade.
          I wish to hear improvements of AMF codec in the next type of RED Drivers.
          Don't dissapoint me..

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              If AMD is unaware, no changes will happen. Posting the question in a user-to-user forum is not the way. Notify AMD using the Issue Report...the more reports they receive, the quicker a 'fix' will happen.

              AMD Issue Reporting Form

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                  There are so many posts every month for this problem...


                  I send roy taylor an email , 2 minutes ago!


                  Lets see, what happens!

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                      Most people make the mistake of thinking they have done something to help with a issue when they post "I'm having the same problem too!!!!!!!!!" When in fact it does nothing unless another user has had the same issue and posts a solution.

                      Those few that do remit a Issue Report...a small number...post back , "I haven't heard anything back from AMD...and it's been 36hours!!!!!!" If one person reports it, not alot of attention gets paid....most issues are caused by user input, a well known fact. If several (3-4 or more) reports come in with the same issue, and it is reproducible, then the chance for a fix in a future driver iteration is greatly improved. Also, AMD does not reply to issue reports. Do not expect a reply. Just report it and encourage others to do the same.


                      Notice included with every AMD driver:

                      AMD Issue Reporting Form

                      • This driver release incorporates suggestions received through the AMD Issue Reporting Form. To provide us with your feedback, visit the AMD Issue Reporting Form.
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                      Ye, I reported it before posting here.
                      But reports are reports, discussion to find workarounds to a problem or lack of efficiency of something is another .


                      But yes, everytime I have a suggestion or a problem I do report to AMD in AMD issue form, I do it for any single software.