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    Roll back to old drivers Crimson


      Hi ,


      Im running R9 290 Crossfire.

      Today I upgraded my drivers to 16.6.1 and I would like to roll back to my previously installed ones because I get reduced performance in Dota 2 and Overwatch gets alot of lagg in borderless (fullscreen isn't even playable due to constant flickering).


      I like how easy it is to install new drivers using Crimson, I never liked all this starting in safe mode and deleting registry keys and stuff, is it possible to go back to previous drivers the same smooth way as installing new drivers through Crimson?


      I can't seem to find a way.

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          In device manager/display adapters/ choose to roll back to previous drivers. Or you can do a system restore to a point before you installed the 16.6.1.

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              Thank you for your answer.


              I went to the device manager and there is says I have 16.2 installed 2/6.

              In Crimson it says 16.6.1 which I installed the day I made this thread.


              On  a sidenote , do you know how Crimson does when it automatically installs the new drivers for you?


              What I'm wondering is if that is an "OK" way of installing new drivers?

              Since Crimson came I got really happy as mentioned above that I no longer need to do this annoying uninstalling procedure and deleting regkeys etc. But maybe I was wrong , is Crimson actually clearing all of this or is it simply just installing the new drivers and lets the old ones remain?


              Can I trust Crimson to fully remove my old drivers when automatically installing new ones?