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Problem with AMD Radeon Crimson Software in Counter Strike Global Offensive !HELP! (Startup Crash / Black Screen)

Question asked by joaoaragao on Jun 24, 2016

Hello m8s. So recently i play a lot of counter strike, and i'm still able to play. But for counter strike just for counter strike global offensive i can ONLY open with the latest version with *catalyst* sofware (so i think the problem can only be drivers). I've tried with the crimson version for my graphics card and nothing then i updated to the latest version with updates to other video cards and hotfixes but no luck. I know the cs is working because the sound is correctly but the image crash , gets black , and if i minimize and open again the image is freezing. So far i've tried all this different methods but none as solved my problem. I think the crimson make my games smoother and i wanna try it with the cs:Go. I have a crossfire a hd 6990 / 6970 and 6950 , and that crossfire with the catalys manager doesn't go very well, the last card is being used way more than the others, so i wanna check it with the crimson. Any help would be appreciated!