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    HP dv6 4023tx switchable graphics



      HP Dv6 4023TX

      Windows 7 Pro 64bit

      Radeon HD 6570 (shows as HD 5000 when latest drivers are installed.)

      Intel Core i7 2630QM  (which has intel hd 3000 on chip.)

      4GB ddr3 1333mhz

      latest hp bios (F0.B)


      So ive just brought a HP dv6 4023tx back to life and would like to use it as a school laptop. With the AMD graphics running constantly the battery isnt the best ive seen. im seeing if we would be able to change it to run off the intel hd 3000 that is built into the i7 2630qm. ive seen older laptops than this with switchable graphics and i have seen newer so im going off the assumption this has support for it (otherise why would the intel hd driver be on the HP website). Thank you for your time.

      I have also found this in a number of forums and websites concerning the hd 3000 and hd6570M:


      "AMD RadeonTM HD 6500M Series simplify your life at work and at play with its dynamic graphics switching technology. It switches seamlessly between power saving integrated graphics when on-the-road and high-powered discrete graphics when plugged in..."


      This is in the manual for this laptop.


      "Switching between graphics modes

      The computer is equipped with switchable graphics and has two modes for processing graphics. When switching from AC power to battery power, the computer switches from High-performance mode to Power-saving mode to conserve battery life. Similarly, when switching from battery power to AC power, the computer switches back to the High-performance mode. NOTE: In order to optimize computer performance, the system might not allow switching modes, or prompt you to switch modes. It might be necessary to close all programs before switching. NOTE: HDMI only works in the High-performance mode. HDMI cannot be used in Power-saving mode. When switching between AC and battery power, you are notified that the computer is about to switch graphics modes. If you prefer, choose to continue using the same graphics mode. While the computer switches modes, the screen goes blank for a few seconds. When the switch is complete, a notification appears in the notification area, and the screen image reappears. NOTE: When select computer models are in slate mode, the screen orientations are reset when switching between graphics modes. To determine which graphics mode you are using, right-click on the Windows desktop, and then click Configure Switchable Graphics."


      I have also posted this on the hp forums but have had no response.

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          You neglected to mention what OS you have. I hope it's not Win10.

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            my bad i have fixed that now.

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                The first thing to do is update your computer. Go to Windows Update...install all Critical updates and SP1. Then install the relevant "Optional" updates which will include the .netframeworks and C++ upgrades. This must be done before trying to install any AMD drivers. Then:


                Your laptop is equipped with switchable graphics. In order to update the AMD driver, the Intel graphics should be the current version. Go to this Intel link and use the Intel Driver Update Utility to find the latest graphics driver for your laptop. Download and save it to your desktop.



                Download the correct AMD drivers to your desktop >   Legacy




                Now delete the Intel drivers from your computer using 'uninstall a program' in the computer control panel.


                Uninstall the AMD drivers from your computer using the 'uninstall a program' in the computer control panel.




                ******Computers with Intel processors select 'express' uninstall all AMD software including the install manager.


                ******Computers with AMD processors custom uninstall the AMD graphics driver and Catalyst Control Panel only.





                Note: All anti-malware/anti-virus/anti-anything should be disabled during driver installation.


                Install the Intel drivers...reboot


                Install the AMD drivers...reboot



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