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AMD Red Team/ Plus - There were lots of co-mingling events in 2015 - what happened?

Question asked by zionhalcyon on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by zionhalcyon

It seems like there was a stretch in 2015 where on Fridays, Red Team and Red Team Plus could mingle and play games on AMD's teamspeak.


However, it seems like there really isn't a lot of activity from RTP here in the forums, or mingling on the TeamSpeak, etc.   I mean, we're all here because we're fans of AMD, but it doesn't really seem like there isn't an attempt anymore at community building on AMDs own site.


Am I missing something and just looking in the wrong areas?  With as many passionate fans wanting to support and evangelize AMD, it just seems like a missed opportunity to have dropped much of the interaction.