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An Experience with Oculus

Question asked by john007 on Jun 22, 2016
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This post is for any user wishing to purchase the Oculus let me share my experience with you all.


Right where do I begin?


Since the unit had custom AMD drivers the installation of Oculus would not complete without updating the GPU drivers, it refused to install otherwise. So I had to bite the bullet and install the 16.6.1 AMD drivers. Let me tell you I was extremely anxious, my palms were sweaty, the AMD loading bar was at 50%, I was nervous, the bar hit 80%, sweat dripped off my head desperately trying to cool the head of rage. What would happen? Would it crash? Would it BSOD? Who knows right now I just had that AMD faith. Ok seems all is good right now with the new drivers absolutely brilliant so far!


Installed the Oculus no problem, everything seemed to be in working order, proceeded to restart the unit with the Oculus plugged in. On bootup the Bios logo just hangs with no access to bios, you have to disconnect the oculus everytime you use the damn thing to even boot up the machine?


So I thought 'Event Viewer' might hold some sort of answer as to why this issue occurs? Ok proceeded to load up the Event Viewer and to my amazement it logged over 4000 errors related to Oculus (Not one error was related to AMD so nice work!). Let me tell you this unit is error and warning free I spent years optimizing the Event Viewer until it was error free. So these 4000 errors relating to OVRServiceLauncher and OVRServer logs errors every 30 seconds.


So I thought why do I even need this Oculus server running? I'll disable the process lets see what happens, nothing happens its still running? Ok lets end the process I don't have any Oculus software running, the oculus is off all should be good lets end this process, oh wait what? The process starts up again? Ok this is straight up suspicious now, lets see how this server actually runs, oh I see that these processes constantly send and receive data? Ok where is the data being sent too? The data is being sent to Facebook servers? Ok what the hell is being sent to Facebook? My Data!!!


This is absolutely disgusting how Oculus pawns you into a data mine operation.  How dare you Oculus. I'm refunding straight away I'll have my money back.


This isn't anything to do with AMD I thought I'd share this experience, my opinion is to purchase the Vive from Steam its far superior and the privacy issues isn't half as bad as Oculus, really you cannot end the process of this Oculus server its constantly active because of the Admin profile Oculus places on your machine. Yes Oculus has full Admin rights to your entire unit.


Thanks for reading.