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    Linux driver for my R7 M340?


      Hello there!


      I'm having trouble locating the appropriate driver for my R7 M340 graphics card.

      I'm running the latest Manjaro distro and the preinstalled open-source drivers just don't cut it.

      Which official driver should I download because I cannot find the right one.



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          davezor, I would suggest you use a version based on 14.04.1 and not the latest as I suggested at bc.com.  The .1 is going to be the key imo, or at lest is worth a try, and should have been your first try imo.  No hurt in trying the newest, but in this case is was a gamble, and your likely to have better success with .1.  Most of these will run Live, but then won't run with the same driver after installed.  If you are a beginner try out linuxmint 17.1 because it will likely be the least problematic for you.  Once you get some time on linux move on if wanted.  You could try Cinnamon but Mate will be safer.