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R7 m260 FPS problem

Question asked by berian on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by pafakink

Hi Guys,


Im having a major isue with the dedicated Radeon R7 m260 on my laptop. . My Laptop specyfication:

Lenovo E450

i7 - 55000

16 GB of  RAM

Radeon R7 M260 2Gb.


The problem is when i try to play games (old games like World of Warcraft, Track Mania) i either have low FPS 18-35 or the games does not recognise  the card at all (this happened for Track Mania, Overwatch, Path of Exiled), forcing them to run on an integrated intel hd 5500 card tried to downgrade the drivers, DDU them, set everything to run on max performance in the crimson / catalyst panel and nothing seems to work. What is more when i set everything to max batery life i get significant rise of fps in World of Warcraft.

Any one got any ideas on what is the problem and how can it be fixed?