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    fx9370 fps drop


      Hi i have a problem using an AMD FX 9370.

      While am i playing i have for 5 to 10 second fps drop, from 150 to 25/30, each 5 minutes.. If i play for hours the time between each drops decrease till about 1 min...

      Why am i asking here? i changed all parts on my pc!

      If i change my cpu for an AMD fx8320 i solve the problem.

      During game i check the temperature and is the same for both CPU max 65 celsius, my cooler is "Cooler master seidon 120v".

      Can you help me somehow?

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          If that's the CPU core temperature, it's too warm, FX series desktop processors don't like to get above 61°C, so that could be the issue. Your motherboard could also be the issue, not supporting the processor or components overheating.

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            If you use an applet like OCCT it will record the CPU internal temp, vcore voltage, frequency, etc. when under load to help diagnose what the source of the problem is.


            It is possible that your mobo VRM is running too hot when under heavy load for a period of time and this will drop the CPU frequency to 1400 MHz for a few seconds to cool then go back to the full base frequency. The same apples to the CPU if it is running too hot. It's important to understand that the internal CPU temp should not be above 61C. Some applets do not read the internal core temp properly on FX processors. Make sure that your fan speeds in the BIOS or O/S are set to 100% or Maximum so the fans can run at their higher speeds when necessary. Make sure your PC case has sufficient airflow to remove the large quantity of heat from both the 220w CPU and GPU card. The FX-9370 produces almost twice the heat of the FX-8320 CPU.