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yet another bug with the r9 295x2 latest drivers

Question asked by iainob1 on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by iainob1

The loosing monitor signal and crash is back again with the latest driver but in dx 9 only.


Running Heaven becnhmark in dx 9 mode and in windowed mode causes my system to lock up. doing it every time now


Sometimes it will just lock up and I have to reboot and other times it locks up and my monitor goes into standby and looses signal.


DX 9 is well and truely broken in all drivers for the r9 295x2


So far this bug now adds to a long list of bugs rendering this card totally useless in Windows 10.


When is AMD going to offer me a replacment card that has fully working drivers for windows 10 so I can actually game properly and get what I have paid for? It is drivers that are causing the issue and have rendered my card usueless for gaming.


There is not a single working driver for the r9 295x2 for windows 10. Catalyst and Crimson all have various combinations of the same bugs and faults.


I have tested them all.


Core clocks downclock and fluctuate when crossfire is disabled. 100% repeatable.

Core clocks downclock and fluctuate when using boarderless fullscreen, 100% repeatable.

All dx 9 titles have stutters and hitches. all drivers

Last 3-4 drivers  now have flashing lights and shadows in dx 9 games

Many of the drivers will not let you disable crossfire for dx 9 games.

The drivers that do work disabling crossfire for dx 9 all then have the usage on the one card fluctuate and spike up and down from 0 to 100 constantly.

Blackops 3, still can't run the game in fullscreen without having the flashing shadows, crossfire on or off. All drivers

Many drivers cause the system to freeze and loose signal with the monitor.

All  crimson drivers have introduced hitching and minor stutter that was not there in the catalyst drivers.

Anistropic filtering in games has very obvious boarderlines between the different levels of filtering usually around your character in the game. All drivers.  These are not obvious on my Nvidia card.

When crossfire is disabled the card that it disabled still gets a little usage from time to time and also the clocks fluctuate on that disabled card too. The temperature of the disabled card is often higher than the card with the actual usage.

VSR enabled causes my monitors native resolution to be not available in a few games.

VSR resolutions cause game menus to not be usable in many games. Scalling options do  not fix these problems.



ULPS is always disabled.

Power settings are at full.

The r9 295x2 does not have power effeciency settings only introduced after 300 series.


Non of the issues with dx 9 are there if I use my older gtx 680ftw. DX9 games such as Skyrim, Raceroom, Xrebirth, Arma 2 all work very smooth on the gtx680 in the same system, no stutters or hitching. The r9 295x2 just does not work with dx 9 properly. The bugs must be deep routed in the drivers as they have been there for so long.


I have bug reported many times and there is never any recognition of these bugs.


I know there are newer cards now and my r9 295x2 is getting older but it is not acceptable for a then flagship product, to be rendered unuseable by drivers and for it to go on so long without either being fixed or AMD publicy acknowledging these issues and that they are working on a fix.


This is not a device issue or to do with how my system is set up it is very clearly 100% broken drivers.