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AMD RX 460, 470, 480 Pricing Revealed; Plentiful Supplies

Discussion created by black_zion on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by zhollett

Looks like there will not be a repeat of the HD 5000 and HD 7000 series launches where horridly limited supply caused skyrocketing prices. Unlike nVidia's...


AMD RX 480 Already Available For Preorder, To Be In-Stock In Large Quantities At Launch Thanks To "Strong" Supply


AMD RX 400 Series Specs

Graphics Card NameAMD Radeon RX 480AMD Radeon RX 470AMD Radeon RX 460
Graphics CorePolaris 10 XTPolaris 10 ProPolaris 11
Process Node14nm FinFET14nm FinFET14nm FinFET
Peak Compute5.83 TFLOPs~5 TFLOPs~2 TFLOPs
Memory4/8 GB GDDR54/8 GB GDDR52/4 GB GDDR5
Memory Interface256-bit256-bit128-bit
Memory Speed8 GHz7 GHz7 GHz
Memory Bandwidth256 GB/s224 GB/s112 GB/s
Maximum Power150W110W75W
Typical Power~100W~80W~45W
MSRP$199 (4 GB)
$229 (8 GB)
$149 (4 GB)
$179 (8 GB)
$99 (2 GB)
$119 (4 GB)

AMD is preparing for major demand on its RX 480 graphics cards come June 29. Word has reached us that retailers & e-tailers have been stocking up on RX 480 GPUs for the past couple of weeks and that the supply for the RX 400 launch is “strong”.  Having good supply is of particular importance for AMD’s new products to succeed. Especially after the shortages that we’ve seen drive prices for Nvidia’s GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 through the roof.

Unfortunately the situation on the other side of the coin with the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 launch is quite dim. The cheapest GTX 1080 available costs $859. That’s more than $150 above the MSRP that Nvidia has set for the Founder’s Edition and more than $250 above the MSRP for all other GTX 1080 graphics cards.