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Gaming profiles keep resetting and being rescanned at every boot in addition to other issues

Question asked by whatever on Jun 21, 2016

Card: Sapphire R9 200 270X

Drivers: latest Windows 7 64-bit 16.6.1


As the title says, Radeon Settings/CCC profiles are generally not working at all for me recently and I've multiple problems with them.


1) is as the tittle says; the Gaming profile properties keep resetting and being autoscanned during every computer restart. I've defined custom GPU and memory clocks as well as a fan profile for multiple application and those keep resetting to the default values set in the "Global Settings" profile every time Radeon Settings restarts, eg. at every boot. In addition the profiles CCC scans keep  being added back to the profiles list even though I delete them every time.


2) is that in general the proflies I've defined do not work as intented when they do retain their settings I've defined. For example, after a restart and going through the profiles and setting everything up as I want it for the 100th time, a custom fan profile will not activate upon launching the application and when it does, it does not return to the default set in the Global profile, eg. I've set an application to use 70% fan power at launch and it should return to the Auto 20% level upon exit.


Highly frustrating issues that have surfaced only with the recent few AMD driver updates, I never had issues like this before the last two or three updates. Now I think I've managed to trace the root of the issues to the AMD Vulkan API since the issues seem to lessen when I uninstall it, but some of them still persist even after. I've no idea why would it cause problems like this since I don't even have any Vulkan enabled applications as of now.