BUG: There is no Custom resolution tab in Advanced Settings

Discussion created by jamesxx on Jun 21, 2016
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GPU: FirePro M6000, Crimson 16.3.2, Windows 7, notebook.


BUG: When I go to Advance Settings to My Internal Displays There are only 2 tabs called Properties (internal Monitor) and Color.

There is NO Manage Resolutions Tab where I would be able to select monitor profiles which are stored in EDID or create my own custom refresh rates. WTH!


Seriously, AMD. Fix this please so that we would be able to do what Nvidia lets us to do ten years already! I don't know if it was the same on older drivers but I file it as a BUG and not a Feature request because it is that common to be able to set desired monitor's profiles which are stored in EDID! I have 4 of them and now have to work at the default one (72Hz) while Advanced Settings clearly shows that maximum refresh rate is 100 Hz!

advanced settings bug.png

P.S. Guys, is there a way to registry hack it?