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r9 270 issue with drivers, crimson installer, digital signature

Question asked by bardman on Jun 21, 2016
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Hi there,


I recently moved my r9 270 to a newer desktop and have had some issues with drivers. Here is my reddit post on /r/buildapc that chronicles everything I've done, although i'll list it again.


So basically I installed windows semi-anew on this pc (windows 7 x64), then exchanged the video card thinking I was set. I was wrong, the video card wasn't being recognized and just showed up in Computer Manager as " Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor". I figure it's just because I haven't got the newest drivers yet. I was wrong. I download the correct installer, but I get some clear issues when the Crimson installer gets to 'analyzing' after extracting and installing files. After 'analyzing' for a moment, an error pops up about a driver issue and to contact AMD Support (there is a pic of the error in the reddit post). So I ignored the installer for now and figured there was an issue with nvidia drivers (the old card in the pc) still being present on the pc. I use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and then restart, then I updated drivers for the 'Standard Graphics Adapter" in the computer manager with the files created by the driver installer before it borked. This actually worked to get the video card recognized, but then there is an issue with digital signature of the drivers apparently? And the video card -still- won't work with videogames (error pictured in reddit post). I then did a completely clean install of windows and formatted all my partitions, but alas it did not work. Now I'm thinking it's a hardware issue if the clean wipe didn't fix it?

I really did a crappy summary and missed some parts but everything should be on reddit if you don't mind reading the thread.


Thanks in advance, hopefully you'll be able to help me.