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Broken Multi-Monitor on Windows 10 x64 with 6850's

Question asked by mellowmurderer on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by mellowmurderer

I have two Dell P2214H monitors and both of them have their own HD 6850 to plug into (using DisplayPorts).- On Windows 7 x64 they both worked fine; I upgraded to Windows 10 x64 and I can't get both monitors working.


What I've attempted:


I've updated my drivers. I've updated windows. I've updated CCC. I've updated my Monitor Drivers. I've Rolled Back my Display Drivers. I've updated my Display Drivers by manually selecting a different version (which worked temporarily; selected 15.301.x.x, then it reverted itself back to 15.2xx.x.x)

So I clearly had a few different display drivers on my system (after all updates), so I used the AMD Driver Removal Tool to wipe it clean.
Then I re-installed with only the latest driver (15.301.x.x) and it still won't work. Selecting to manual updates now only shows AMD Radeon HD 6000 series (no version number or dates).


I've been fighting this for weeks now, and I really miss my second monitor.
Any help is appreciated.


PS. There are no Windows Updates left to do. Windows cannot detect a second monitor, and neither can CCC.