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A8-7410 with R5 M330 atikmdag.sys high CPU usage only on Crimson drivers

Question asked by palash1010 on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2016 by palash1010

Hi, i own a HP AF008Ax laptop with A8-7410 and R5m330 2gb GPU. Ever since i got this machine no other driver than the automatic windows 10 update driver works with it. Every time i tried installing a new driver, the CPU usage goes berserk with atikmdag.sys being the root cause. I'm attaching a screenshot for clarity. I'm really disappointed with the optimisation of Crimson. Even with CCC 15.7 this particular .sys file is constantly taking up 3-5% of CPU never letting it go to idle state. Currently running the 16.3.2 driver and i can't even use my system, it has so much of lag. Every 3-5 second the cursor would freeze or the whole system freezes. The only way to work is to roll back to 15.8 drivers which comes with Windows 10 update. Please suggest some solution!
Ive tried these so far-
Safe boot clean installation

Clean Windows reinstallation

Clean driver installation with AMD cleanup utility


Nothing has worked for me.