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    Lenovo Y700-15ACZ GPU downclocks to 300MHZ while gaming from time to time. No overheat or TDP problems


      Hi all



      Please some advise. I have the Y700-15ACZ (FX-8800P, M385X 4GB). While gaming, the GPU clocks go down to 300MHZ from time to time (about every 2-3 seconds). I don't see why - the TDP remains the same according to HWInfo and the temps are quite ok.



      I even used MSI Afterburner and downclocked the GPU to 0.5GHZ/1GHZ (core/memory) which is a lot lower and it still happens (and TDP/temps are much lower too).



      Any clue?



      I've tried several drivers from Lenovo and from AMD and nothing helps. The performance is actually quite ok, except these jumps in clocks..