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Lenovo Y700-15ACZ GPU downclocks to 300MHZ while gaming from time to time. No overheat or TDP problems

Question asked by cocoman on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by cocoman

Hi all



Please some advise. I have the Y700-15ACZ (FX-8800P, M385X 4GB). While gaming, the GPU clocks go down to 300MHZ from time to time (about every 2-3 seconds). I don't see why - the TDP remains the same according to HWInfo and the temps are quite ok.



I even used MSI Afterburner and downclocked the GPU to 0.5GHZ/1GHZ (core/memory) which is a lot lower and it still happens (and TDP/temps are much lower too).



Any clue?



I've tried several drivers from Lenovo and from AMD and nothing helps. The performance is actually quite ok, except these jumps in clocks..