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    PLEASE HELP ME! My video card R7 260X is giving problems!


      A few days my computer has a blue screen and restarted after that did not start more. When I managed to fix realized that there was an error in the video card, every time I install it the driver begins to appear scratches on the screen and the computer turns off after two minutes .. Can someone tell me if my video card broke or if there solution?

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          Normally if a machine just powers off after a few minutes just in desktop of windows I would check the cpu cooler and re-seat it. I have seen pc's do this before and it usually turns out to be the cpu over heating and going into shutdown to protect from damage. Also lines on the screen would indicate a gpu problem (or bad driver).... now


          considering you maybe either have 2 faults... pc shutdown and lines on the screen then this can be a power supply issue esp if your gpu uses a pci-e power plug ?


          If you have a psu tester (cheap off ebay) you could rule out the psu to start with. If you have some heat-sink compound then maybe reseat the cpu cooler to rule that out so at least you can narrow it down then before you blame the gpu.


          You need to describe the fault more clearly. Does the pc not power up when you say it wont start ? Do you mean windows won't start. Does it bluescreen from windows desktop or when you try to install a gpu driver or just go corruption on screen after a few minutes and power off ? It does seem more like a hardware issue tbh.

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              Hello, so I'll try to describe my problem more clearly .. What happens is this whenever I install the driver for my video card before completing the installation the computer off (not for heating) and the installation is not completed. When I can complete the installation appear lines / Risk on the screen and the computer shuts down and then will not turn over, the only way to be able to take is to restore the image of the windows and pulling out the card's driver.



              And yes it uses the plug PCI-E ..




              Operating System

              Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit


              AMD FX-6300


              8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3


              Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. GA-78LMT-USB3 (Socket M2)

              Video card

                       R7 260X Series 2gb



              If you have writing mistakes, sorry I'm from Brazil and I'm fluent English so I have to use google translator

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              ok... So I would download and run ddu (from guru3d) to completely remove the amd drivers.


              Display Driver Uninstaller Download version


              I would also try using older version of the drivers. Try one a few versions back. If it fails and normal boot no longer works you should not need to keep restoring a clone. You should be able to boot in safe mode (f8) and run ddu to clean the drivers out before trying something else.




              Your motherboard has built in gpu since that board has a dvi/vga output.


              GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev. 4.1)


              Make sure the onboard GPU it is completely disabled in bios and you are not running dual mixed gpu mode conflicting with your pci-e card. I know some bios automatically turn off built in gpu if they detect pci-e graphics card but I have a friend who runs an i5 setup and his board does not turn off the built in gpu but leaves it active along with the pci-e one.


              You could if you suspect your amd card is at fault, remove it and use the built in gpu on your motherboard and run with that for a few hours to rule out everything else.