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When is going AMD to fix R9 380 crashes, they go as back as mid 2015 and still hasn't been fixed

Question asked by hyperclockgaming on Jun 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2016 by iainob1

Im tired of this issue with the R9 380, AMD aknowledged the problem 9 months ago and still no fix, this thing keeps crashing using any other driver than 15.11.1 beta, dating from several months ago.
There's a lot of threads in this forum about that problem that doesn't get answer from AMD stuff, just being ignored.

With this kind of subpar driver support why would I buy any other AMD card, I made the change from a mid range NVIDIA (GTX 760) to this mid range R9 380 4GB and never had this kind of issues with the old card. I can understand a bug here and there, but this is ground breaking, the current state prevents me to use the card in any Unreal engine based software and thats huge.

So will AMD release a fix for this problems almost a year old or will it get ignored as it has been and I just have to jump off the ship?