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    Annoying Blue Screen Error


      Alright guys, so recently I updated to windows 10 and with that I also updated my amd drivers to "Crimson Edition 16.6.1 Hotfix". I recently had windows 8.1 and the latest driver for that version. Since updating to windows 10, I randomly get a blue screen that restarts my computer with the error "Thread_stuck_in_device_driver". Now I got on the phone with microsoft and had them take control of my pc and do everything they could think of that might have been causing this issue. They reinstalled windows 10 and everything but I am still having this issue. The only other thing I could think of is that my old amd drivers for 8.1 could be conflicting with my new windows 10 drivers. All I would like to know is what steps I should take on how to resolve this issue. If someone could link me or tell me how to do a clean uninstall of all my amd drivers that way I could start fresh with the newest version that would be awesome. When it comes to this stuff I really have no idea what I'm doing. And I'd really like to not have to restore my pc or something drastic. Any help is appreciated!


      My graphics card is the R9 290x. I'm not sure if that is relevant to the issue or not. Just figured I'd say it anyways.