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Ability to disable legacy i-gpu or install legacy Non-WHQL along with latest Crimson for d-gpu

Question asked by galixigen on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2016 by kingfish

Hi, AMD support, i was your fan for a long time but for now, you moved not-so-old A10-5745M(3yrs) APU's i-gpu to legacy, so as absolutely-not-old R7 M260(2yrs), cause they depend on one latest non-WHQL driver package. I can't disable i-gpu to use d-gpu only(it could be the best option, because many games don't correctly support amd/amd switchable graphics), so as keep i-gpu at latest legacy driver and update R7 M260 separetly with latest drivers. Is there any way out? I want to use my good m260 to play new games, but I can't. I was able to choose from intel/amd and amd/amd bunch, I was thinking, that amd/amd laptop would be the best option due to obvious amd-to-amd integration. It was a mistake. I'm dissapointed, AMD.