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I have 2 computers running Gigabyte 970a-d3p motherboards

Question asked by chris68 on Jun 18, 2016

with win 7 64 bit and amd processors  One is running fine with another graphics card  Mine was too, then I upgraded to Win 10, and it was good there too. Then my processor died, And as It was slow I decided to do a full upgrade
So I put in a new Mother board /processor and the nitro card. And the later model Motherboard because of the reliability of the other computer. The mother board has no graphics, just sound and no HDMI slots  When I rebooted the computer there was no sound or shutdown. The speakers had the red x and the playback showed 6 HDMI installed


Services say audio and endpoint are installed and set to auto  Device manger says all good , but it wont let me install the realtek audio device from the gigabyte board 
So ok I thought it must be the upgrade to Win 10, So I did a clean install,with win 10. No change. So while everything was saved I decided to go back to Win 7 as the other computer was so happy with it
But Murphys law hit me and it is still the same. So I have a computer with no sound, no shutdown, and a $200 card that is not compatible with my M/B, great