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Is there a way to fix this texture glitch, caused by the recent drivers? *Also, how do i report it to AMD?

Question asked by vargas78 on Jun 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2016 by vargas78

This game used to run ok on my PC, earlier this year, I recently reinstalled it and there has been some amd driver updates since then. I now get these glitches on textures, particularly around graphics making light and smoke effects, the light and smoke off a gun, or a engines from a spaceship for example. Space Hulk Ascension is the game, I used an R9 280x 64bit windows 10.


As you can see its like blocky pink shapes that appear on screen. A friend of mine who had an R9 270x said he had similar problems with one of the jagged alliance games. Has anyone else experienced this in one of those games, or any others? But more so I would like to know how to fix it, and how to report it in the hope that AMD may look into it for their next drivers.


I appreciate any help.





Boris Vargas