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Firepro, Radeon or other family for dual screen videosurveillance ?

Question asked by amidon on Jun 18, 2016
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I'm a lost about which family is best for videosurveillance with two screens per computer.

The computers that I'm going to use are Lenovo ThinkCenter M91p/M92p as well as HP Elite 8200.

All are SFF (Small Form Factor), meaning the use of graphic cards with low profile brackets.


From what I read, the Radeon line is distributed by OEM and for the "consumer" market, including the use for video games.

As one of the M92p I purchased is equipped with an AMD Radeon HD7350 (1 GB) card, I assume that Radeon cards are also for business computers with common uses.


The FirePro cards seem targeted to the CAD segment and users with 3D simulations needs.

On Wikipedia, I could find some informations about the differences with the Radon line. (AMD FirePro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


I could acquire some FirePro v3900 which is described as a winner in the 3D entry segment.

This video FirePro vs Radeon SolidWorks and gaming - YouTube compares a FirePro v4900 with a Radeon 7950.

The FirePro seems better for textures, but the Radeon smoother when there is some motion.

However, what I need is not performance in 3D, but displaying frames from surveillance cameras in real time (or in replay).

Will the FirePro v3900 be fluid enough in such context or is there a risk of micro-freezes between video frames (lack of fluididy) ?

I often find comparisons which are oriented on 3D games or CAD modelizations, but not about video streaming.

Are the FirePro v3900 and the Radeon HD7350 suitable for such video streaming and which is best for such use ?


I would also like to know more about use of multiple displays for the FirePro v3900, as the spec sheet ( ) tells:

- Drive up to 5 HD displays using DisplayPort 1.2 multi-streaming and AMD Eyefinity technology

- Drive up to 2 independent 30'' displays at a full 2560x1600 resolution


I initially planned to connect one screen to the DVI port and one to the DisplayPort.

Is it good idea or should I better use only the DisplayPort and some splitter ?


With the HD7350, I could test that it allows to extend the desktop on two screens using the DisplayPort and the DVI port.


Can someone tell more about the possibilities of the two boards for multi-streaming ?


Thanks a lot.