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16.3.2 pc blue screen win10 apu+dedicated

Question asked by robm1 on Jun 17, 2016

I was wondering if AMD were aware of any issues with the latest drivers?

I had been experiencing random bsod events sometimes at idle sometimes under load never anything in the event log or dump file other than the expected kernal and shutdown expected from bsod no indications as to whats causing it so I had to undergo a process of elimination.

I have spent the past 7 days extensively fault finding, and have ruled out  the motherboard ram psu and graphics as these have all tested and confirmed stable in another environment.

I used ram psu and gfx in my spare rig windows 8 and everything was fine

I used everything in my rig windows 8 and everything is fine

Used everything in my rig on Win 10 and is fine so long as I do not use the latest drivers and stay with 15.30.1025.1001-151129b-297237E

My specs are as follows:

  • Motherboard - Gigabyte F2A88XM-D3H
  • CPU - A10-6800k water cooled @ stock
  • RAM - Hyperx 1866 2 x 8gb
  • Graphics - MSI R7 370 stock
  • Drives - Samsung Evo 140gb ssd and Seagate Baracuda 1tb storage
  • PSU - CX 600M Corsair