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    AMD Radeon 8670D brightness control missing.


      I did a clean install to Windows 10 64 bit on a HP Pavilion 23.  Brightness control is not available.  Using a AMD Radeon 8670D. 


      Previously brightness control worked on Windows 8.0 but disappeared after upgrade to 8.1.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated as to how to get brightness control back.



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          Check what drivers / software is available on the HP site for your model, there are various different models under the description you gave.  You need to be posting your full system specs if you want help.  Some people for other models also required a motherboard BIOS update from HP to fix dim brightness on Windows 10.

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              Thanks for responding.  I have just posted the following info on the

              website.  Any assistance is appreciated.



              Describe your system:


              ·AMD Graphics Card – AMD Radeon 8670D


              ·AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon HP Graphics 3.70 GHz


              ·Driver version installed


              oWindows 8- AMD Radeon HD 8670D


              oWindows 8.1 - Ap1


              oWindows 10 – 15.201.1301.0


              Display Resolution – 1920 X 1080


              ·System – HP All-In-One Pavilion 23


              ·Model HP 23 – F339


              ·Product Number – H6U98AA#ABL




              oACPI x 64 Based PC Driver Version 10.0.10586.0


              oBIOS Version – AMI 80.04, 2013-06-11


              oSMBIOS Version – 2.7


              ·Operating System – Windows 10 Home – 64bit


              Describe your issue:


              Issue - I no longer have brightness control.


              The system came with Windows 8 and brightness control worked

              correctly.Brightness control was lost (no bar to control it) when system

              was upgraded to Windows 8.1.I would “update” the driver each time I

              rebooted by installing AMD Radeon HD 8670D and get

              brightness control back.With the upgrade to Windows 10, the AMD Radeon

              HD 8670D is no longer listed so I can’t “update” the driver

              to this version anymore.


              In addition, now that I am on Windows 10, when the system comes out of

              screen saving mode, the screen is sometimes so dark, that I can’t see

              it.I need to reboot the system to get it back.This is an intermittent

              problem.I have not yet determined the pattern.


              When I upgraded to Windows 10, I updated the AMD Graphics card with the

              latest driver.The AMD website confirmed that I have the latest driver.




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              I might add..be sure to disable the automatic installation of graphics drivers. Win10 is bad about replacing the drivers you prefer with the ones they prefer.

              Here's how...from the Leshcat manual:


              1. Disable automatic driver updates from Windows Update (WU)

              2. Remove Windows Update (WU) AMD drivers


              1. Disable automatic driver updates from Windows Update (WU):


              Navigate to "Control Panel->All control Panel Items -> System" and perform steps above:




              2. Remove Windows Update (WU) AMD drivers:


              WU AMD drivers constantly try to reinstall drivers and Catalyst Control Center 

              Thats why AMD WU package should be blocked.


              The simplest solution -> delete the folder:




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