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    Tearing in Game (rFactor)


      Hi all,

      First things first, my specs;

      Intel i5 Quad Core (not sure on Hz at this moment)

      Samsung evo 256GB SSD

      Asus Z97-P

      EVGA 850GQ Gold

      16GB RAM

      XFX R9 390 8GB GDDR5


      Running 3 1920x1080 projectors.

      I previously had a much lesser spec PC, the card was a 4GB 280 and recently the computer started doing some strange things like seeminly restoring itself and 'losing' data so I decided to upgrade to the above mentioned system.

      I never had this problem previously but I am struggling with what I believe is small tearing. I cant really describe it but its like the screen momentarily freezes, its almost so fast you cant see it. This only happens on rFactor, but that is the only game I play. So far I have tried reinstalling drivers, and running the Vsync which I think did help a bit. Could it be a case that the card is just 'too good' for the projectors refresh rate?? Do I need to look elsewhere like FPS?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.