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Problems with Multistream HUB

Question asked by rboelen on Jun 17, 2016



I have the following setup:


- AMD Radeon R7 350x

- Starttech Displayport Hub (Multistream) 

- 3 x iiyama X2283HSU monitors


The monitors are connected to the HUB via Displayport, en the HUB is connected to the Radeon on Displayport.


The problem i'm having is that I can only use 2 monitors at the same time. I can change/rotate wich screens I want to use, but never al 3 monitors.

I can use monitor 1&2 or 1&3 or 2&3 etc etc.


The AMD Displayport Diagnostic doesnt recognize the HUB, so it would seem. It seems that it thinks the monitors are daisychained, which they aren't.


I'm on the latest (beta) drivers.


Can anyone help me, or suggest some action to take?