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Windows 10 drivers incompatible with Cabinet Vision software

Question asked by rlovelock on Jun 17, 2016
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I required a new harddrive, and as a result, Windows 10 was installed with all the latest drivers.

I have an AMD FirePro W5000 (FireGL V)

I use some specific software called Cabinet Vision and the windows 10 drivers for the AMD FirePro are incompatible with it, my only solution is to disable the graphics card.  This is very frustrating as another piece of software I use, DraftSight, won't work with the graphics card disabled, so I'm caught in a merry dance of enabling and disabling the graphics card.  Usually an enable/disable while the software is running causes it to crash as well, which adds insult to injury if I forget to save and close.


Does anyone know if AMD are releasing some new drivers? And/Or Is there a way to install old drivers?