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    Had a Power Outage.  Replaced Motherboard.  Having Video Card Issues. 


      I have AMD Radeon R9 200 Series. Windows 10.   Was working great.  No issues.


      I had a power outage.  After said power outage was over, I tried to turn on my computer.  My computer would not turn on. Would not even light up except for a light on my mouse.


      I took my computer in to get fixed, and ended up with  a new Mother Board and upgraded a few things.  I took it home, and my graphics card keeps crashing.  I would get some sort of error and my graphics card would crash, I have a Radeon Settings app and it would go blank or invisible.  At times the monitor would turn off like it like it was not receiving anything, yet, the computer would still be running.  If I was playing a game I could still hear the game music on the speakers.


      I updated all the drivers.  Still have issues.  I may start watching youtube videos, and they become blurry, and this leads to a crash.


      I reinstalled windows.  Still having similar issues.   What is going on?


      I ended up with a MSI z170A PC Mate Mother Board.