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    How do I change my CPU core multiplier?


      The CPU I have is supposed to have a core clock speed of 3.7GHz for each of its 4 cores but it is actually running at 1.7Ghz across the board. No matter what kind of tasks I am performing on my computer, whether it be nothing, or playing an intense video game, the clock speed generally remains at 1.7Ghz fluctuating between 1.69 and 1.71 Ghz. No matter what target voltage I set my CPU to have (using AMD Overdrive), the current voltage remains at the minimum, 0.9375V. No matter what I set the CPU core multiplier to, which should be 37 (37 x 100MHz = 3.7GHz), the CPU core multiplier remains at 17 (17 x 100MHz = 1.7GHz). I am not experienced when it comes to computers so any information regarding CPU voltage, clock speeds, or multipliers would help, thanks.

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          Does your motherboard's BIOS support that processor? Is your power plan set to High Performance?

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            As noted it sounds like your mobo either does not support this model CPU or you need to update the BIOS for proper support of this CPU. The only means a BIOS has to set the correct CPU vcore voltage and frequency is if it can identify the CPU model on boot up. An older BIOS will not have the information for newer CPU models and thus will set the CPU vcore and frequency to a lower speed based on whatever reference or safety design is implemented in the BIOS. You may need to use your old CPU to update the BIOS. After you update the BIOS be sure to clear CMOS before you install the newer CPU model so the BIOS scans all hardware and sets the appropriate BIOS settings for proper operation. If the info. provided is too confusing you may desire to have a local PC repair shop or PC friend do the BIOS update.