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FireRays using cl.hpp (Khronos C++ wrapper)

Question asked by AlexMcLeod on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by AlexMcLeod

I'm trying to add FireRays to an existing project that uses cl.hpp (the OpenCL C++ wrapper from Khronos) to handle the CL context, queue, buffers and so on.


I can't figure out how to get FireRays to recognise wrapper objects like cl::Context (which doesn't seem to provide access to its raw contents), which means I'm stuck at square one and unable to even initialise the API in my own projects.


Given that FireRays is a C++ library, wouldn't it make sense for it to be compatible with the official C++ wapper for OpenCL? CLW appears to be doing the same job as cl.hpp, but not in a compatible way, and I can't find any documentation for CLW, either. I'm sure CLW is all very sensible, but I'm not going to strip the existing CL wrappers out of my project to replace them with the CLW versions in the absence of documentation.


Come to think of it, what little documentation there is for FireRays (ie: FireRays.pdf) is no longer directly applicable to FireRays 2.0. For example:

FireRays::IntersectionApi::GetIntersectionDeviceInfo() has become FireRays::IntersectionApi::GetDeviceInfo(). It's nicer to look at, sure, but the API is now completely without accurate documentation, and the example app is pretty short on comments.


Could we get some up-to-date docs, please? And maybe some hints as to how we might incorporate FireRays into existing OpenCL applications?