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    How many are interested in joining a class action lawsuit against AMD?


      Hey consumers!
      Been watching AMD/ATI for years and at this point I think we have quite a case built up against such a company.

      Been using audio and video to record how the software acts and how they respond to people informing them of it and whatnot so we have solid evidence whats going on.

      Now is the time i either move forward with or without the lemmings. Class action means I wont get paid well for my time wasted on AMD and recording everything going on, so if i can say so myself its very generous of me to offer that the other consumers being scammed can get in on this. The class action suit has the benefit of the case levying a much larger rewards for damages, which will in turn pose an actual threat to their current business model as if I just sue for a few million or less to compensate for my losses and mental anguish I suppose theyll recoup that from suckers in a month. The class action will indeed hit them hard enough to get these devs fired and make them question not picking them up out of homeless shelters in the third world california next time.


      So anyone want in on some real action to protect your rights as consumers?

      If you have something ignorant to contribute to people trying to protect their rights, feel free to leave your address in the comment section as well so i can send you some information that may help change your mind.

      THANKS! And in the meantime be sure to look out for my follow up post once I find a criminal lawyer who isnt a scared little,,, or ill just need time to convince my dad to head the case.

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          Since you didn't provide any information as to why you think consumers have a valid basis for a lawsuit against AMD/ATI, your post is pretty pointless. In the U.S. anyone can sue anybody but that doesn't mean their case has merit or that they will prevail in court. If your allegations - which you have not disclosed have even minimal merit, there is always a siren chaser who will take the case. Class action law firms don't waste their time on trivial issues or perceived injustices due to the cost involved in research and bringing these cases to court. If you are the lead plaintiff in a class action suit, you can expect to be under considerable scrutiny for your allegations. If the lawyers can't prove that consumers as a "class' were some how defrauded or suffered some tangible loss or damage, you don't have a case. It's totally unclear what "rights" that you believe have been violated.

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            Not everybody that post on these forums or has trouble with Amd is an American. Will your lawsuit cover people living in other countries? Because there's a lot more people that aren't American than there are people that are.

            The best way, in my opinion, to make a company pay attention is with your money. Don't buy their products. And if you buy it and it doesn't work out of the box send it back right away.

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                AMD warranties all of their products. If you actual have a defective product, they will replace it during the warranty period as long as you haven't violated the warranty terms.


                For the record AMD extensively tests their products immediately before packaging them for sale. About the only means for the product to not function correctly when received is if it has been physically damaged in transit. Properly installing and configuring hardware products is the responsibility of the person building or upgrading the PC.


                GPU drivers are constantly being updated as more applications, systems and GPU advancements occur. There have been times with all major GPU makers where the drivers have been less than perfect as a result of the ever moving performance target. The "bugs" in drivers are usually fixed as quickly as possible. One can always resort to certified drivers when in doubt. The latest and greatest GPU drivers are always likely to have some minor issues that are resolved with new driver releases.


                Since neither the OP or anyone else here has stated what problems or perceived basis for a class action lawsuit might exists, it's all just posturing, IMO. If you have a legitimate complaint there are certainly numerous state and federal consumer protection agencies that would assist anyone in resolving their issue. In countries other than the U.S. there are similar agencies to assist people resolve legitimate product issues.

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                What was your actual problem/allegation with AMD? Wouldn't it be worth mentioning? It's something to do with the business model? Very vague, if you specified someone else might say, "oh I had that issue too, I might help." You should be more specific.