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How many are interested in joining a class action lawsuit against AMD?

Question asked by teabagxpress on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by techguy

Hey consumers!
Been watching AMD/ATI for years and at this point I think we have quite a case built up against such a company.

Been using audio and video to record how the software acts and how they respond to people informing them of it and whatnot so we have solid evidence whats going on.

Now is the time i either move forward with or without the lemmings. Class action means I wont get paid well for my time wasted on AMD and recording everything going on, so if i can say so myself its very generous of me to offer that the other consumers being scammed can get in on this. The class action suit has the benefit of the case levying a much larger rewards for damages, which will in turn pose an actual threat to their current business model as if I just sue for a few million or less to compensate for my losses and mental anguish I suppose theyll recoup that from suckers in a month. The class action will indeed hit them hard enough to get these devs fired and make them question not picking them up out of homeless shelters in the third world california next time.


So anyone want in on some real action to protect your rights as consumers?

If you have something ignorant to contribute to people trying to protect their rights, feel free to leave your address in the comment section as well so i can send you some information that may help change your mind.

THANKS! And in the meantime be sure to look out for my follow up post once I find a criminal lawyer who isnt a scared little,,, or ill just need time to convince my dad to head the case.