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    High temperature?


      I have system unit. Its processor was amd a8 7600 . Its temp when i go to bios is around 30-49 degrees celcius. When the windows 7 starts and ill go to the cpuidhwmonitor, the cpu temp at idle is 56-60 degrees celcius and when its using like browsing and gaming its temp was around 68-81 degrees celcius.. Is this slightly hot and not dangerous or extremely hot that can destroy my processor?

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          You need to be reading the CPU core temperature, not the CPU temperature.



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            My fx-8150 was getting extremely hot with a stock fan.  So I bought cooler master hyper 212 evo fan and ive never had a heating issue since.

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                I've read the warranty slip from the box of my proce. It says that amd will void the 3years warranty if you replace the stock heatsink with the new branded heatsink. Can you tell me what application you use to see the temps? Thank you very much

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                    Core Temp, AIDA64, HWiNFO and OCCT are known to read the internal CPU temp on AMD CPUs fairly accurately in the 60C-70C range. There is no reason for your CPU to be overheating with the box fan if you have the fan settings in BIOS or the O/S set to 100% or Maximum so the OEM HSF can cool properly. You also need proper airflow thru the PC case to extract the hot air from inside the case.


                    FWIW, I've never heard of AMD refusing to honor any CPU warranty if the CPU is actually defective. A properly sized and installed aftermarket cooler can be significantly lower in noise than the OEM boxed cooler - if the fan noise bothers you. The new AMD Wrath HSF was released on two upper FX model CPUs specifically for lower noise and better cooling than the small diameter OE boxed fans can deliver.

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