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V-Sync works in 16.5.3 in Doom, fails in 16.6

Question asked by nankura on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by amdmatt

Hey guys

So my setup is as follow's

PC Rig
intel i3 6100
DDR4 Kingston 2133Mhz RAM
R9 380x Strix ASUS GPU
ASUS H110M-A Motherboard


So basically. i recently bought this pc, brought it home, installed the 16.6 latest drivers and booted up doom just to find that i was getting 30 FPS which is very odd since less than a few weeks ago i was getting 60 solid on my old rig with an AMD FX-8320


Decided to remove the 16.6 Drivers, did a DDU Wipe and cleaned out all AMD. reinstalled and same thing. then i tried turning off V-Sync in doom's options, and bam, 120 FPS.


So i thought, why was it fine in my old rig and not this new one. so i again cleared all AMD Software/DDU Wipe and installed 16.5.3 the driver i was previously using with my old system just to find that V-Sync now works

60 FPS Solid with almost 0 dips


16.6 has brought back the V-Sync Issue in doom for me, i dont know about anyone else, but with my specific rig and setup, 16.6 does not work very well