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    overclocking mobile GPUs


      Hey everyone,


      I should start by saying I have an Alienware 15 R2 with an R9 M395x/M390x and Crimson drivers 16.6.1

      Performance is really good. I was wondering if there was any way I could overclock the GPU? I've tried afterburner and many other OC applications and the only one that has worked is Sapphire Trixx.

      Normal clocks are 723/1250 and I was able to OC to 800/1500. These clocks are stable and provide a nice boost in performance. However, as soon as I exit out of the game I'm playing (this happens to be DOOM for the foreseeable future) I get a BSOD and the file that causes this is "atikmdag.sys"

      I know the clocks are stable and temps are sitting between 69C-71C. I think having "un" official OC support for your mobile GPUs would allow boosted animals such as myself to play around with OC to get the best possible performance without having to fear BSODs when you exit the game.

      I'm hoping for the best because AMD is known for allowing OC Hopefully this will be the case soon!


      And if it matters here are my specs:

      Intel i7 6820HK @ 4.0GHz

      8GB DDR4 Ram

      Said GPU

      120GB m.2 SSD

      1TB disk for my games

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          Never going to happen, as most laptops are built to barely meet the thermal demands placed on them. You could try editing the VBIOS, but you'd risk bricking your machine.

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              I think for everyday machines, I agree, overclocking should not be enable due to your point. However, on gaming laptops more specifically M380-M395, there should be an overclocking option. If anything should just be able to mess with core and memory clocks without risk of BSOD.

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                  I agree with you, the mobile gaming chips are often just midrange desktop chips that are downclocked and limited by power and heatproduction. This does make them very suitable for overclocking as long as the power and thermals remain in limit of the motherboard, but these gaming laptops often have a high limit. Maybe things will change with the next generation of polaris mobile chips.

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                *EDIT* October 27th 2016

                It seems some Lenovo products with M300 (more specifically M330) GPUs have fully overclockable functionality granted through the crimson drivers. So I can guess that maybe the OC is controlled by manufacturer as Lenovo may assume their consumer line non gaming laptops are not going to be tampered with but a company like Alienware may fully be aware that plebs like myself are looking to push the machines to the max.