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A6-5400K APU video playback problem

Question asked by bigwinnie on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by bigwinnie

Hi guys,

maybe you can help me beacause I don't get a resolve on domestic forums. So I have a PC with A6-5400K APU without dedicated VGA and the video playback is awful. Picture falls and slips to pieces as you can see on the pic. And it is done even if I watch a video on youtube or the PC. I have tried a lot kind of drivers...newest one, older one, the suggested driver by the Auto-detect Utility but nothing helped. Flash Player is up to date, but there is an interesting thing: if I use Chrome, there's no problem. But with Mozilla the problem is stand by. Even if I use Chrome, videos on PC are bad. So I think it's not the browser's fault. I have no idea. I think I should buy a dedicated cheap VGA and try with it. Any idea?

My config: A6-5400K, Asrock FM2A55 (or maybe A75)M-DGS, 2x2GB DD3-1866, XFX power supply, 1 HDD, Win7 Prof. 64 bit