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PC stuttering no matter what usage

Question asked by coonkun on Jun 16, 2016

Dear people,


I am experiencing probably a simple but consistent problem, it is disrupting my daily use of the PC a lot. I'm experiencing stuttering issues in nearly any kind of usage, for example when browsing the internet, my audio drops out for a second a lot, and slight noisy pops interfere with the music (I am also using an audio interface with driver and firmware updated). When playing games I experience a steady frame rate but once every 30 seconds or so it drops down to about 30-40 frames per second, it does not matter which display settings I have chosen to be executed.


As far as I'm concerned I have downloaded all the latest drivers, for example the motherboard chipset, the audio drivers, network drivers, graphics card driver, usb driver etc.. I have to say it's really hard to find all the necessary drivers. One of my driver downloading programs notifies me that the ATI HDMI AUDIO driver is not up to date, it is really hard to find this driver, and appears to be a sub driver of the amd software.


It shouldn't have anything to do with CPU throttling. Really frustrating problem trying to fix this! As I can't ever play a normal game.


My PC is running on an AMD Radeon r9 380 and an AMD FX-8350, power supply 630W, Motherboard is Gigabyte 970a-ds3, have an SSD where I run windows and games on and a HDD which I store files on.


DPC screenshot:




Please help me in this issue!


Kind regards,