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    While you guys are fixing the Mantle crash bug, do you mind fixing triple buffered vsync too? Hasn't worked in Win10 since catalyst 15.4


      Triple buffering hasn't worked in Mantle for over a year now. In order for me to get it working, I either have to install catalyst 15.4, or I have to copy DLL's from Win 10 beta drivers 1018.1 or 1023.0 to the game folder (since they are WDDM 2.0). And that's only a valid solution for a single card.


      With crossfire, those two DLL versions will crash any mantle game. For BF4, I found a second workaround that works with most mantle DLL versions by setting "RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit 1" in the user.cfg file and it seems to give me decent vsync performance, in that my frame rate doesn't automatically drop by half if my frame times go below my refresh rate.


      So I guess I'm wondering, since you guys clearly had triple buffering working in 15.4 and those early Win 10 drivers, as well as all other Win 8 drivers before that, is there any way you can fix it?