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    amd fx 8350 over heat


      plz sir tell me the solution

      i have fx 8350 processor

      i playing games there is hanged my pc several times

      i am using

      fx 8350 processor

      6 gb ram

      antec 450 wats true power smps

      sapphire r927x graphic card

      gigabyte mother board usb 3 g-78lmt

      please tell me sollution

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          Thank you for the specs.  Are you overclocking your processor at all?  What kind of CPU cooler are you using?  Where you game, is it hot or humid overall in general?  And when you say it "hangs" while playing video games - does it ever hang when not playing games, and when it does "hang", is it locking up completely, freezing the screen, or is it more of a "stutter", where it locks up, only to go back to normal, and then lock up again?

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            Are you using AIDA64, HWiNFO or Core Temp applets to measure the internal core temp of your CPU? Numerous temp programs do not read the FX processor temps correctly. The CPU internal core temp under full load needs to be below 61C at all times. The CPU or mobo VRM will lower the CPU frequency if they are overheating


            You PSU is quite small for the FX 8 core CPUs and a decent GPU card. You should see if your PSU can provide at least  50 amps on the 12v rail. An applet like OCCT will record the CPU temp, frequency, etc. to help determine where the issue may be.  Make sure that your CPU and other fan settings are at 100% or "maximum" in the BIOS and /or O/S so they can provide proper cooling. There are many FX-8350 overheating threads here that cover all of the typical overheating issues experienced with the FX 8 core processors. These threads have valuable info. to help resolve your issue.