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Black screen with Windows 10 R9 280 crossfire and separate PC with 5750

Question asked by fatalexception4010 on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by amdmatt

i have a weird black scree issue at Windows login with the later Amd driver releases, older releases work fine but the majority of the newer hot fix drivers dont't work.


I discovered this problem a while back when my PC auto updated the drivers and then failed to boot. After reinstalling Windows a few times I discovered it was the display driver on my R9 280's. Weirdly if I remove the display port cable and plug it back in the screen comes on at login???


At first I thought it was a failing card or motherboard or something but this behaviour was duplicated on my living room PC which has a 5750 which updated its drivers and then failed to boot with a black screen???


on my main PC I have tried disabling ULPS but it makes no difference. It just seems as though all later amd drivers are broken.


does anyone have a work around for this? This is the first time I have posted here but AMD's inability to release timely driver updates that actually work are frustrating the life out of me. I don't spend hundreds of pounds to just hunt around for solutions to driver bugs. I want to use my PC.  At this rate all my AMD cards will be sent to the same place as my creative x-fi cards and replaced with someone elses product.