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Video shut-off new machine, 4 diff video cards...

Question asked by eashleyfl on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by black_zion

Hi folks,


I'm building a new machine and it just doesn't want to cooperate. I've been building machines since the 80186 multi-user systems from Norstar days. I haven't built a new desktop in a few years though so I'm lost with some of the newer settings. Here's what I have



ASUS MB5A97 LE R2.0 w/BIOS 2701

Corsair Vengeance 16GB RAM (CMZ16GX3M2A1866C9)


WD Blue 1 TB Drive (WD10JDVX)

Thermaltake SMART 700 P/S (PS-SPD-0700NPCWUS-W)


I also tried 2 new MSI AMD Radeon HD6450 (R6450-MD1GD3/LP) cards and someone's NVidia GeForce GTX215 that is known to work but doesn't have any branding on it. The system displays the same behavior with all 4 video cards. I went to this ASUS card since it has a seperate power connector to drive its fans but that had no impact. I sent the MB back to ASUS and they updated the BIOS and tested it, so it's known good. The CPU and memory are both on the QVL. When I boot the system, it will run for about 2 minutes while I'm configuring the BIOS (graphics mode) before the video shuts off. I think it is actually the CPU shutting off because before the BIOS update, all the chassis fans would shut off at the same time but with the 2701 BIOS the chassis fans keep running. I've set the BIOS to just optimized defaults, which is memory at 1333 MHz so that shouldn't be causing a problem. The BIOS reports a MB temp of 29ºC and a CPU temp of 41ºC. If I boot to a text mode Fedora Linux install, it will run for about 5 minutes before the shutoff occurs. There are no error messages displayed and no beeps from the MB, it just shuts off.


I'm sure this is going to be some BIOS setting, but it is frustrating because I don't really have time to find things in the graphical BIOS screen before the system shuts off. At that point, I'm allowed even less time before a shutoff because the system is already warmed up and have to give the machine time to cool before I try again. I installed 3 chassis fans in addition to the P/S, CPU and GPU fans. The chassis is reused but I cleaned it thoroughly before installing the components. All the current components expect the chassis and hard drive are new. The HD has less than 100 hrs. on it. I'm open to any suggestions and would appreciate if someone knows where I can find some screenshots of the ASUS BIOS to have a better idea of where I need to go for each setting I need to change.