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    Does AMD FirePro™ Unified Driver support 10-bit ? Silent install?


      Does "AMD FirePro™ Unified Driver (Catalyst Pro) support 10-bit ?


      Specific for W5100 grafic card i need to know that. Used for medical monitor and we must buy grafic card from HP. But eizo say you need to buy our relabled X-70 blahblah.


      Also is it possible and any documentary about unattended silent installation of that driver?

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          Yes, you better choose the EIZO board since they have an optimized VBIOS for medical displays.



          Silent Install of AMD Drivers
          Assuming Setup.exe is located in C:/AMD/Support/Catalyst-Version/ , the following commands are for Silent Install:


          Setup.exe –Install /Unattended_Install<:><files/path><; file/path>

             -  This does an unattended installation, using the files/path and file/path to choose where it’s coming from and where it’s going

          Setup.exe –Install /KL <logfile>

             - Only for XP, generates a log after installation

          Setup.exe –Install –Log [logfile]

             - Vista-and-later installation with a verbose log being generated

          Setup.exe –Install –Output c:\log.txt –Loglevel 0

             - Generates c:\log.txt with a full detailed output of the installation

          Setup.exe – Install –Output Detail

             - Gives a ton of information during installation that is outputted to the screen

          Setup.exe –install /unattended_install /autoaccept_all /force_reboot

             - This does a complete installation, accepts all prompts, and forces a restart afterwards