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[Dxtory] FPS drops recording Minecraft

Question asked by freerunnerx10 on Jun 13, 2016

As a hobby I make Youtube videos. My choice of recording software is Dxtory it gets the job done. Now unfortunately while test recording Minecraft I have encountered a problem. My FPS usually sits at around 60 FPS however when I hit the record button my FPS drops to 15FPS and before you ask no I am not capping the frame rate and no its nothing to do with the codec I am using. I believe this is something to do with the AMD Driver and maybe in mishap with Java ( I don't know i'm not an expert) but what I can say for certain is this problem doesn't accrue for Nvidia users. When looking online through other forums I have a bunch of post regarding this issue and it seems to be an issue with AMD cards and the driver. People have suggested using and older driver that is before the 14.0 update to Catalyst.


I'm wondering if there is a fix or maybe someone could look into this and find out whats wrong because like I said earlier "I'm not an expert". If this can't be fixed then meh no big deal I'll just upgrade to a GTX 1080 sooner rather than later.